If during the year of the student’s graduation, the student requests in writing that their conduct record be expunged, and the student can demonstrate that he or she has applied to graduate, the record may be considered for expungement. If the determination is made to review the record, it may be considered for expungement provided the student committed relatively minor Student Conduct Code violations and did not:

  • Violate the Student Honor Code;
  • Cause personal injury;
  • Cause significant property damage;
  • Commit a felony violation of a state-controlled substance Law;
  • Disrupt the orderly operation of the University;
  • Commit a violation of law related to firearms or other weapons/explosives; or
  • Rise to the level of magnitude, or impact of violations described above

The decision to expunge or not expunge a disciplinary record is final and not appealable.

Request Requirements

In order for your request to be considered, you must submit a completed copy of this form and the following additional documents to Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution:

1. A copy of your Application for Graduation OR a signed letter from your academic advisor illustrating that you have applied to graduate.
2. A typed signed statement explaining your request for a conduct record expungement.