A student may, during the year of his/her graduation, request in writing that his/her disciplinary record be expunged/destroyed. The student must demonstrate that he/she has applied to graduate or will be applying to graduate for the current or next term in order for his/her record to be evaluated by the Director of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution or his/her designee for possible expungement or destruction. The record will be destroyed provided that the student committed only one Student Conduct Code violation and did not:

(a) violate the Student Honor Code;

(b) cause personal injury;

(c) cause significant property damage;

(d) commit a felony violation of a state controlled substance law;

(e) disrupt the orderly operation of the University;

(f) violate the firearm, explosives, dangerous chemicals, ammunition or weaponry regulations of the University; or

(g) rise to the level of magnitude, or impact of violations described in the (a)-(f) above.

The decision of the Dean of Students or his/her designee on whether or not to destroy a disciplinary record is final and not appealable.

Request Requirements

In order for your request to be considered, you must submit a completed copy of this form and the following additional documents to Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution:

1) A copy of your Application for Graduation OR a signed letter from your academic advisor stating your intent to graduate and listing all remaining coursework.

2) A typed, signed statement explaining your request for a conduct record expungement.