When incidents happen, primarily on campus, and UF students are involved, our office is the main university entity that works with students to resolve disciplinary matters. We also ensure that students receive fair treatment in all hearings. Students, faculty and staff who believe there has been a violation can contact Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at the Dean of Students Office to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities. Office staff can assist victims of assault or harassment by a University student, and they are also available for educational programs on a variety of related topics.

Students are what drive the University of Florida. Through the disciplinary process, it is our aim to help students understand the impact their behavior has on the global community, and to assist them with making future decisions that lead to personal and professional success.

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution also provides conflict resolution services that help students resolve disputes in an effective and fair manner. If you find yourself in a dispute with another person these conflict resolution services can provide you with valuable skills to resolve current and future conflicts.