Faculty and Staff

Not sure if you need to report a potential violation?

If you have questions related to a potential Honor Code violation, please contact our office at 352-392-1261 to consult with a staff member.

As of June 7, 2018 a new Student Honor and Conduct Code was passed bringing substantial changes and improvement to the regulation.  A major change impacting faculty includes the modification of resolving first time Student Honor Code allegations.

  • The prior regulation requires Faculty to properly notify an accused student, contact our office for information on prior history, meet with the student, complete a written form with the student, and submit supporting information and signed forms to SCCR.
  • Under the new Regulation, SCCR sends the notice to an accused student, meets with the student, provides an overview of the process and student rights, and either presents resolution options or implements the Faculty-recommended sanction.  For the Honor Code process flowchart click here.

This change:

  • Reduces administrative burden on faculty;
  • Increases consistency of notice and communication to students; and
  • Separates out the faculty member who serves as a witness in a hearing from being the person facilitating a first meeting with a student.