Conduct Committee


The Student Conduct Committee is the group of individuals who meet to hear all types of cases involving alleged violations of the Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code. The committee includes faculty, staff, and students from across the institution. Student Conduct Committee members play an integral role in educating students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the UF community, upholding community behavioral standards, and implementing the Student Conduct Code and Student Honor Code. After completing the training, the time commitment involves serving on a minimum of one hearing per semester, which are typically scheduled for three hours.

Hearings involve three or five committee members, with at least half of the members being students. Hearings are chaired by an experienced member of the committee. The committee will review all relevant case information, ask questions of participants during the hearing, and then make a recommendation regarding whether or not the student or student organization violated the specific section(s) of the code and if so, recommend appropriate sanctions to the Dean of Students or their designee.

Getting Involved:
Faculty, staff, and graduate students may attend a training offered at least once per semester. Interested individuals can contact the SCCR team.

Undergraduate students may complete a three-credit hour course in the Fall 2024 semester, scheduled on Tuesdays (4:05 pm - 4:55 pm) and Thursdays (3:00 pm - 4:55 pm). This course is required in order for undergraduate students to participate as a committee member. Students may apply  Applications open on May 17 and close on June 30.

Undergraduate students will need at least one professional reference, the reference can complete an evaluation.