Faculty and Staff Report an Incident

The resolution of first time Student Honor Code allegations has changed starting June 7, 2018.  Whether a potential first time violation, or a subsequent one, SCCR will send notice to an accused student and meet with them.  Faculty will no longer be required to contact our office for information on prior history, meet with the student, or complete a written form with the student.  Once SCCR sends out a charge letter to the student regarding the allegation, faculty are welcome to have a conversation with the student if you so chose.

Once a student is issued a Notice of Charges (charge letter) for an alleged Student Honor Code violation they will not be permitted to drop or withdraw from the course and will have a temporary grade of “N” issued until the final resolution of the case.

To report an alleged academic misconduct incident please visit the link below to provide as much DETAILED information as possible.  All additional documentation must be provided when reporting an incident (i.e. ProctorU videos, syllabi, quizzes in question, email communications, etc.).

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution will respond to your submitted report within 1 – 2 working days. If you have any additional questions regarding this form, please contact Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at 352-392-1261.