Student Conduct Committee Reference

Pugh Hall

Thank you for taking the time to provide this reference for a Student Conduct Committee applicant. This position provides an opportunity for student leaders a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking, information analysis, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills among others. Former members of the Conduct Committee have gone on to pursue additional education at prestigious institutions or have obtained employment from businesses such as Google and Amazon, as well as renowned higher education institutions.

Student Conduct Committee applicants should have sent you this page to complete. If there are any questions or concerns please contact Tori Doll.

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  • The student below is applying for the position of Student Conduct Committee member at the University of Florida. If chosen, this student would be serving as a member of a hearing body to investigate and adjudicate alleged student and/or student organization violations of the Student Conduct Code and Honor Code. This student would be reviewing police and other incident reports and participating in hearings for their peers and/or their organizations at the University of Florida. This volunteer leadership position requires a high level of maturity, responsibility, objectivity, professionalism, critical thinking and communication skills, and integrity. Please comment on the capabilities of this individual based on your interactions with them. Thank you for your assistance in our selection process.