Students Rights & Responsibilities

I have the right to…

  • Review the Student Conduct Code and Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution (SCCR) policies and procedures.
  • Ask any questions and to have them answered by a member of the SCCR staff.
  • Expect confidentiality to the extent permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and to waive that confidentiality in writing if I choose. (Please be advised that pursuant to FERPA exceptions, some confidential information may be disclosed without consent, e.g. in health or safety emergencies.)
  • Have an advisor and/or support person present with me during any meetings with SCCR. An advisor and support person can be any individual who was not directly involved in the incident, including but not limited to, a parent, friend, lawyer, faculty member, or Student Honor Code Administration Member. The role of the advisor is to provide advice during the student conduct process, while the role of the support person is to provide support and comfort. The advisor and the support person may not speak for you, or address the committee, hearing officer, or any witness.
  • Decline to answer questions or provide a statement during a SCCR resolution meeting. I understand that any statements I make may become part of my case file. I also understand that what I say could be used against me if I have a pending criminal case; however, the likelihood of this information being subpoenaed is extremely low.
  • Postpone my hearing up to 30 University business days if I have a pending legal case resulting from the same incident.
  • Review the contents of my file by scheduling an appointment with a SCCR staff member.
  • Appeal the decision one time within the University process.

I understand that…

  • I must submit all information and/or a list of witnesses, if any, for my resolution to SCCR by 5:00 p.m. eight (8) University business days prior to the scheduled hearing. No new information or witnesses will be accepted after that deadline. Character witnesses are not able to present information during a hearing, but they may submit a written statement.
  • The SCCR staff will review any submitted information and the list of witnesses for relevance and will inform me if any of the information or witnesses are being disallowed for the hearing and the rationale for that decision.
  • If I fail to appear for my scheduled hearing, the hearing will be conducted in my absence, and a decision will be made based on the information that is available at the time of the hearing. I will receive a letter informing me of the decision and subsequent sanction(s) if applicable.
  • SCCR will communicate important, time-sensitive information with me via my e-mail address and/or via telephone. It is my responsibility to respond to SCCR correspondence in a timely manner and to inform SCCR of any changes to my contact information.
  • The reporting party may review any information I have submitted for inclusion in the case file prior to the hearing.

For full rights and responsibilities, please see section 5. of the Orange Book.