The information below provides transparency to our University community members with regard to the current and past conduct history of our Registered Student Organizations. The information is a specific set of data regarding one of the multiple elements that can provide context about our individual organizations. This data is provided publically as a means of both encouraging accountability and content distribution that may be helpful to those seeking positive engagement opportunities.

The information below spans over the past four years to present day, unless an outcome has impacted an organization outside of the timeframe.

More information about our organizations can be found on Gator Connect.

More information regarding the accreditation of our social Greek lettered organizations can be found here.

What does this mean?

Organizational data is ordered in groups by the four governing councils of our Greek lettered organizations or under Registered Student Organizations if the organization is not a social Greek lettered organization.

Expulsion: The organization is not affiliated with UF will never be permitted to return as a registered student organization

Suspension: The organization is not currently recognized by UF and will be permitted to return as an active registered student organization after the suspension period concludes

Loss of University privileges: Can include but is not limited to: unrestricted University facility use, loss of social/philanthropy activities, ability to participate in intramurals, ability to reserve space for meetings/events on-campus, loss of block seating, ineligibility to receive future Institutional funding

Deferred Suspension/Probation: The organization is recognized as an active student organization but is not in good standing with UF

Conduct Review: The organization is in good standing with UF, but will have their conduct under review for a specified period of time

Reprimand: The organization is in good standing with UF, but has received a written warning as a result of a violation of the Student Conduct or Honor Code

An interim measure prior to a formal conduct resolution which restricts all/partial operations, events, or functions of a student organization until a formal conduct process has concluded as a result of severe allegations of potential policy violations
Outcomes that provide opportunities to repair the harm of the actions of the student organization and ways to engage in meaningful developmental experiences that will help the student organization in avoiding future violations of University policy