The University of Florida is home to over 1,000 registered student organizations. Due to the quantity of these groups, data below provides context regarding only organizations who have been found responsible for violations of the Student Conduct Code within the past four years.

Delta Sigma Pi
Incident Date: Fall 2017 Semester

  • Resolution Type: Administrative Hearing with Individual Resolution Officer
  • Incident Description: Providing alcohol to minors and engaging in activities that violate the University of Florida’s hazing policies
  • Sanctions: Deferred Suspension through Spring 2018, Conduct Probation without restrictions through October 2018, Loss of University Privileges, Educational Sanctions
Phi Mu Alpha
Incident Date: Spring 2016 Semester

  • Resolution Type: Partnership with the Organization’s Commission on Standards
  • Incident Description: Hazing allegations pertaining to the new member education process for the organization
  • Sanctions: Chapter charter has been revoked; The organization’s status and recognition on campus is inactive